NFPA launches campaign to recruit code enforcers to technical committees

Blog Post created by laurenbackstrom Employee on May 14, 2012


NFPA recently launched a recruitment campaign to increase the number of code enforcers participating on NFPA’s technical committees. NFPA seeks to have code enforcers represent at least 20 percent of the overall technical committee membership by 2013.

“One of the greatest strengths of the NFPA standards-development process is broad participation. We work extremely hard to ensure we have a balance of interests on these committees,” said James Shannon, president of NFPA. “We need code enforcers because they have particular knowledge and experience on how our codes and standards are applied in the field. We need them to provide their expertise to the important work that is being done by our technical committees in order to advance our safety mission.”

Recent cuts in municipal budgets, including elimination of travel expenses for public employees, have made it harder for code enforcers to participate in technical committee meetings. In response to this concern, NFPA created a special fund to subsidize 80 percent of travel and lodging expenses that may come when code enforcers participate in technical committee meetings. The assistance with these expenses is available to code enforcers who are public employees or part of the volunteer fire service.

“We created this special fund as part of our commitment to make NFPA technical committees as accessible as possible to code enforcers whose participation is needed to ensure that we have a balance of voices in the process,” said Shannon.

To learn more about the benefits of joining an NFPA technical committee and to apply online, code enforcers can go to