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NESMA 6-year-old Alabama child received severe burns after coming into contact with a transformer in a public sports complex late last month. With the end of the school year rapidly approaching leaving children with more time to play outdoors and summer recreational activities in full swing, NFPA and the Electrical Safety Foundation International (ESFI) are joining forces to warn the public about outdoor electrical dangers that can pose as safety threats to children.

This collaborative effort is part of National Electrical Safety Month, an annual public awareness campaign sponsored by ESFI to promote the importance of electrical safety and educate key audiences about the steps that can be taken to prevent electrical fires, injuries, and fatalities at home, in public, and in the workplace.

NFPA and ESFI are offering the following tips for parents to enforce to their children this summer to ensure that they avoid electrical shock or burns while playing outdoors:

  • Electrical equipment enclosures and boxes      should not be used as a playground toy or something to sit on or play      around. Equipment that has been damaged or not maintained can present a      shock hazard.
  • If you see a power line on the ground, tell an      adult right away.
  • If there is lightning, do not stand near trees. Go inside right      away.
  • Parents should notify town or local officials      if they observe electrical equipment that is in a state of disrepair so      that repairs can be initiated.

For more information on keeping children safe and for educational resources, visit and

Eric Kuligowski leads workshop at SUPDET 2012

Erica Kuligowski leads workshop at SUPDET 2012

During the recent SupDet 2012, the Fire Protection Research Foundation held a well attended workshop on emergency messaging, which involved the development of emergency messaging templates that will serve as the technical basis for explanatory material in the next edition of NFPA 72, National Fire Alarm and Signaling Code.  Guidance was presented to workshop attendees by Erica Kuligowski of the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) who is currently working on a guidance document on emergency messaging for a Foundation project sponsored by the Department of Homeland Security (DHS).  Then, workshop attendees were split into groups to develop message templates for various types of scenarios, which were then critiqued by the other workshop attendees, which included several experts on human behavior.  The critiqued, expert-driven messages will be included in the guidance document, which will later be used by NFPA 72 Technical Committees to create explanatory material for development of emergency messages.  

This workshop also provided workshop attendees an opportunity to practice message development and planning, which made for an interesting and fun session for all.  Please keep on the lookout for official workshop proceedings, which will be posted on the Foundation website.

Do you want to make a difference? We have an ideal opportunity for a Senior Project Manager to independently plan and direct projects within the Association budget and specified deadlines. Identifies project objectives, coordinates resources and oversees team members to deliver project results.

Principal Responsibilities:

  1. Develop marketing plan and budget for NFPA’s publications products.
  2. Monitor publications revenue budget. Recommend modifications to strategy to reach revenue goals.
  3. Manage marketing promotions and new product introductions, to achieve revenue goals.
  4. Determine appropriate marketing strategy for products by understanding market dynamics and customer needs
  5. Work closely with Database/Circulation Group to develop, manage, monitor, analyze and measure results and promotion effectiveness. Make recommendations to improve promotion response.
  6. Manage promotion expense budgets related to the responsibilities assigned above. Attend budget meetings. Identify possible cost savings in applicable areas.
  7. Manage and develop monthly reporting for analysis, including summary ‘dashboard’ reports for senior management to monitor product lifecycles and revenues.
  8. Participates on cross-functional teams working on fulfillment systems and web commerce systems to ensure that promotions will be successfully implemented.
  9. Assignments are received in objective or goal format. Provides general guidance to subordinates based on organizational goals and company policy. Work is reviewed in terms of meeting the division’s objectives and schedules.
  10. Establishes operating policies and procedures that affect subordinate department units. Interprets, executes, and recommends modifications to divisional policies.
  11. Responsible for all projects assigned to the organizational unit. Acts as an advisor to subordinate supervisors or staff members to meet schedules or resolve technical or operational problems. Develops and administers budgets, schedules, and performance standards.
  12. Leads, develops and manages direct reports.

To learn more about the job requirements and information on how to apply, please visit our Careers webpage

WeBulldog have talked often about the success and fun we had during Sparky’s 60th Birthday campaign last year, but it's now being honored beyond NFPA. This week we were notified that NFPA has won a 2012 Bulldog Media Relations Awards for Excellence in Media and Publicity Campaigns for our "Sparky the Fire Dog turns 60" campaign and will receive a Bronze award in the Best Not-for-Profit/Association/Government Campaign category.

Sparky 60 yearsWinners were chosen exclusively by working journalists from hundreds of entries representing the very best strategic and tactical prowess that PR/corporate communications has to offer. Campaigns were judged by a team of working journalists, who assessed them on the basis of their ability to achieve extraordinary visibility and influence opinion, as well as on their creativity, command of media and technology, and tenacity.

This is a terrific honor for NFPA and we are very proud to have been selected as an award winner. We knew all along that Sparky’s year-long birthday celebration was a winner - now it’s officially an award-winning celebration!

NFPA Insider
Join us May 31st at 2:00pm ET for our first "NFPA Insider", featuring news and content from the latest issue of NFPA Journal® and other Association sources. R

These live bi-monthly 30–45 minute sessions — an added benefit for NFPA members only — feature expanded news and content from the latest issue of NFPA Journal® and other NFPA sources. A new interactive format, featuring real-time streaming video and enhanced graphic capabilities, will allow you to be part of the discussion and ask questions via e-mail or twitter. The advanced technology gives you more access, so you feel like you’re in the same room with the expert presenters.

In this session: 

  • First Word
    Welcome from NFPA President Jim Shannon.
  • “Up-to-Code”
    Live Q&A with Amy Cronin, Division Manager of NFPA’s Codes & Standards Administration. Discussion will feature the impact of the new codes and standards development process, how people can get involved, and the need for enforcers to serve on technical committees.
  • NFPA Journal LIVE (See past NFPA Journal Live presentations)
    Live Q&A featuring an in-depth discussion of changes coming up for the 2013 edition of NFPA 72 and previews of 72-related education sessions scheduled at the upcoming NFPA Conference & Expo, with NFPA Senior Electrical Engineer Lee Richardson.
  • And More!

Register now for this complimentary session.

Have a question you want answered during the live NFPA Insider? Leave us a comment below and tweet it to us using hashtag #NFPAInsider.  

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