International workshop looks at fireground injuries and evaluates causes, best practices

Blog Post created by mikehazell Employee on May 16, 2012

Casey Grant of the Fire Protection Research Foundation and Ken Hollando of NFPA's Public Fire Protection Division are attending a workshop over the next two days down in Virginia. The workshop will assist in the current Foundation research project, "Fireground Injuries: An International Evaluation of Causes and Best Practices."

Firefighting has one of the highest occupational incident rates for injury and fatalities, a large number of which occur during fireground operations. An international comparison of fireground ops provides a unique opportunity to discover effective procedures for preventing injuries.The study is based on the hypothesis that fireground injury rates will vary by department and country, and that lower injury rates will be associated with more extensive training as well as following high quality standard operating guidelines (SOGs).

This is a three year international study partnering with fire departments in Australia (Melbourne), United Kingdom (Lancashire), and the United States (Columbus OH, Phoenix AZ, Washington DC, and two combination fire departments to be determined).

The workshop will look at many department case studies and identify best practices that can be incorporated to reduce the risk of injury.