NFPA Journal examines staffing needs for fighting fires in high-rise offices

Blog Post created by freddurso Employee on May 22, 2012

High rise firesCommercial office high-rises have become one of the most challenging settings for firefighters. Luckily, new research is helping get a firmer grip on adequate crew and staffing sizes needed to effectively combat blazes in these buildings.

In the May/June issue of NFPA Journal, columnists Ben Klaene and Russ Sanders highlight a new project examining deployment and tactics for use in high-rise building fires. Funded by the U.S. Department of Homeland Security's Assistance to Firefighter Grant Program, the study will compare fire operations in sprinklered and nonsprinklered buildings as well as scenarios where firefighters use either stairways or elevators to reach their intended floor.

Here's a snippet from their column:

Some of the questions we intend to answer during the  full field experiments include: What is the best way to support or  assist this first crew on the fire floor? What is the minimum number of  firefighters required to deploy this first fire line? How long will  their air supply last under these strenuous conditions? Similar staffing  and time issues will be answered for each task necessary to save lives  and property during a high-rise fire.

Read the full column in the latest edition of NFPA Journal.

-Fred Durso, Jr.