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NFPA is turning up the heat in Las Vegas at the annual NFPA Conference & Expo, June 11-14. The conference will cover a range of fire safety issues impacting everything from technological advancements to day-to-day living. Notable presentations include:

This year’s featured keynote session “9/11: Leadership Before and After the Crisis” is presented by Deputy Chief Jay Jonas of the New York City Fire Department. Deputy Chief Jonas will share his captivating story of survival while highlighting improvements to the fire service and built environment since 9/11. 

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Karma Fisker
Charging up the Fisker that was loaned to us by Fisker Silicon Valley.

Earlier today, California first responders had the opportunity to learn more about essential procedures for responding to emergency situations involving electric and hybrid vehicles. NFPA, in collaboration with the Santa Clara County Fire Chiefs Association, hosted a train-the-trainer session at the San Jose Fire Department Training Center. California was the 30th state to receive this training since it was launched last summer. 

Tesla Roadster, Plug-In Prius
Following the classroom training, students step outside to review the
components of the Tesla Roadster, Plug-In Prius and other EVs.

Given that the training was held near some of the most exotic electric vehicle manufacturers in the world, course attendees were given access to a Tesla Roadster, a Karma Fisker, and more. Prior to that portion of the training, each participant was given an Emergency Field Guide to familiarize themselves with the vehicle-specific response recommendations. They now have a better understanding of the technologies and special features included in these new vehicles.

To find out when you may have the opportunity to experience a training in your area, be sure to visit our Calendar!

- Angela Burke

Kathleen's articleIn her May/June NFPA Journal® research column, Kathleen Almand explores the  connection between data centers and fire protection, the introduction of new changes to equipment housed in these centers, and the types of fire safety challenges they present including fire load, energy density, accessibility, and a high and complex airflow environment to manage waste heat. According to Almand, each of these challenges affects the design of fire safety systems, including detection, suppression, and emergency response. So, how can data centers, including the fire protection systems and engineering tools needed to evaluate their performance, continue to evolve to address these issues?

Read the full article.

On May 23, 1996, an explosion and subsequent fire occurred at an abandoned automotive service station in downtown Portland, Maine.  The blast killed one, injured three more, and caused extensive damage to surrounding buildings. 

An underground gasoline storage tank was in the process of being removed at the time, and an accumulation of gasoline vapors apparently ignited when a vehicle ignition was turned on, resulting in the explosion of a nearby tank.  The significant factor contributing to the loss of life in this incident is considered to be the accumulation of vapors in proximity to an ignition source while freeing a tank of flammable vapors.  In the aftermath of this event, the Maine Department of Environmental Protection and the State Fire Marshal’s office developed a detailed protocol to facilitate the safe removal of underground gasoline storage tanks within the state.

NFPA members can download the investigation report for free.

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