Top five most-read articles from NFPA Journal

Blog Post created by mikehazell Employee on Jun 6, 2012

Here are the top five most-read articles and features in May from NFPA Journal®, our official member publication:

  1. http://www.nxtbook.com/nxtbooks/nfpa/journal_20120506/Journal coverRead the new digital edition of NFPA Journal.
    The digital issue, which launched with the May/June issue of Journal, is web-based and presents all of the magazine’s stories and ads as they appear in the print magazine, with websites and email addresses clickable for instant access.
  2. Thirteen things you need to know about NFPA 13.
    The new editions of NFPA's sprinkler standards will be presented at NFPA's Conference & Expo in Las Vegas. These documents contain a number of changes; NFPA's Matt Klaus provides an overview.
  3. Two key fire service standards feature important changes.
    The new editions of NFPA 1500, Fire Department Occupational Safety and Health Program, and NFPA 1582, Comprehensive Occupational Medical Program for Fire Departments, include changes that represent significant steps forward for firefighter health and wellness.
  4. A conversation with the new U.S. Fire Administrator, Ernest Mitchell, Jr.
    Late last year, Ernest Mitchell, Jr. received Senate confirmation to head the United States Fire Administration (USFA). He talks on his career, his vision for the Fire Administration, coping with budget cuts, his concerns for the fire service, and more.
  5. New certifications for electrical workers and supervisors.
    Industry awareness of the safe work practice requirements contained in NFPA 70E®, Electrical Safety in the Workplace®, has increased significantly over the past 15 years, as has adherance to those requirements.

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