Electric Vehicle Emergency Field Guide Now Available

Blog Post created by andrewklock Employee on Jun 11, 2012

EFG CoverFor the past year, NFPA has been crossing the country to deliver the Electric Vehicle Safety Training to as many first responders as possible. Now NFPA is providing another way for first responders everywhere to have the information they need to respond to emergencies involving electric and hybrid vehicles.

With the official release of our highly anticipated Electric Vehicle Emergency Field Guide,
critical information is at your fingertips. This easy-to-use, quick reference guide covers all current makes and models of hybrid (HEV) and electric vehicles (EV), and was developed in coordination with vehicle manufacturers to ensure technical accuracy. The Field Guide also incorporates NHTSA’s Interim Guidance for High Voltage Vehicles.

The Field Guide is essential for helping first responders quickly size-up incidents involving hybrid and electric vehicles and determine the appropriate response actions:

  • Vehicle Identification: As the popularity of these vehicles continues to grow, it is critical that responders understand what to look for during the identification process. The Field Guide contains the information needed to make a positive identification of HEVs and EVs at an emergency scene.
  • Securing and Disabling the Vehicle: As with any incident involving a vehicle, securing it from potential movement is a priority. The Field Guide identifies model specific primary and secondary shut down procedures for HEVs and EVs, taking the guesswork out of disabling the vehicle.  This saves valuable time and increases first responder safety.
  • Emergency Operations: The Field Guide contains vital information on how to handle emergencies such as fires, crashes and submersions involving HEVs and EVs.  Also, to aid in extrication operations, detailed images are included that identify high voltage and other vehicle components that need to be avoided. Page from EFG 2

These are just a few direct implications of how the Electric Vehicle Emergency Field Guide can make a
crucial difference in your decision making process at the scene of an emergency incident involving electric or hybrid vehicles. Order your copy today.

Stay safe,