Report puts spotlight on home cooking fire mitigation techniques

Blog Post created by mikehazell Employee on Jun 27, 2012

KitchenstirAccording to NFPA, there were 150,200 reported home cooking related fires per year (2003-2006), which accounted for 40% of all reported home fires. These fires resulted in 500 civilian deaths. See NFPA's cooking safety tips.

In this session, the results of Fire Protection Research Foundation study on home cooking fires commissioned by the National Institute of Standards and Technology were presented by Daniel Gottuk and Joshua Dinaburg of Hughes Associates, Inc.

Download the “Home Cooking Fire Mitigation: Technology Assessment" study.

The objective of this study was to develop an action plan to mitigate loss from home cooking fires by furthering the implementation of fire prevention technologies suitable for use on or with home cooking appliances. The study included an in-depth assessment of cooking fire scenarios, a review of current and emerging technologies, and the development of an assessment methodology.

Today’s presenters said technologies currently exist that can be used to significantly reduce life and property loss from cooking fires. The most effective technologies include control of the stovetop which has implications on cost, certification, and, potentially, cooking performance. However, they pointed out that cooktop suppression systems are estimated to have a significant effect on preventing deaths.