Fenway at 100: NFPA Journal examines the iconic ballpark's fire and life safety upgrades

Blog Post created by freddurso Employee on Jun 29, 2012

Fenway Park
No matter what home team you may root for this season, there's no denying the rich history of the Boston Red Sox and their home, Fenway Park, which celebrated its centennial in April. The July/August issue of NFPA Journal highlights the fire and life safety improvements to America's oldest professional sports stadium (as well as the smallest) in Major League Baseball.

Steven A. Adelman, the story's author and attorney focusing on litigation and risk management involving sports and enterainment venues, provides a thorough rundown of these upgrades as well as the growing importance of life safety at ballparks across the U.S.

Here's a snippet from his story:

I attended a Red Sox game recently after a few years  away, and I was struck by the transformation that had taken place. I  walked into Fenway through an entrance that had not existed when I was  in college; I climbed roomy, well-lit stairs I had never seen before; I  followed clear, well-placed signs; and I took in the game from a  reasonably comfortable seat that fit my middle-aged body. Even with all  of the obvious changes, though, it still felt like Fenway: the vast  expanses of green, the loud and passionate fans, all the great history. I  not only felt safe, I felt like I was home.

Read the entire feature in the latest edition of NFPA Journal.

-Fred Durso, Jr.