Wireless charging

Blog Post created by andrewklock Employee on Jul 10, 2012

One of the biggest deterrents to buying electric vehicles is
the fear of running out of charge with no charging station nearby. This worry
is steadily becoming less of an excuse as more and more charging stations
become available and as wireless charging is on the possible horizon.


Wireless charging may become the standard process of
charging in the future eliminating the need to remember to plug in your vehicle
every night and open many new options to keep your vehicle powered. In addition
to having a wireless charging system at your house there could be chargers
placed in the road at stop lights and parking spaces. These systems could
extend the range of your electric vehicle and help to eliminate the hassle of
plugging in your vehicle every day.

Other interesting applications may be in public transportation.
Electric busses would be able to run constantly without being pulled off their
routes to charge if charging stations were placed under bus stops. And electric
trains/trolleys could eliminate the clutter of overhead wires in urban centers.

There are several types of wireless chargers
being developed with different techniques in use. One relies on a pad placed in
the ground and another placed at the bottom of the car this charges the car
through electromagnetic induction. Another system works similarly but instead
of having a receiver under the car there are steel belts in the tires that
complete the circuit. However with both of these techniques power is lost
through the wireless transfer, up to 20 percent in some cases, making it less
practical until the efficiency is increased.