Best Practices for Emergency Response to Electric Vehicle Battery Hazards project launched by Foundation

Blog Post created by mikehazell Employee on Jul 13, 2012

In the light of recent incidents involving electric vehicle battery hazards, the Foundation, with support from the Departments of Energy and Transportation and the Alliance of Automotive Manufacturers, has initiated a project to develop the technical basis for first responder emergency response procedures. The project will include full-scale fire tests and a compilation of best practice information on firefighting operations and post-incident procedures.

The project comes out of NFPA's partnership with the DOE, begun in 2009, to develop and implement a comprehensive training program for emergency response to electric vehicle (EV) incidents. Currently this program provides safety training to 25,000 emergency responders in order to prepare them for their role in safely handling incidents involving EVs.  However, there is a lack of data to draw on to address the potential hazards associated with damaged EV batteries.

Dowload the project prospectus.