July 24 workshop to focus on inspection, testing, and maintenance frequency

Blog Post created by mikehazell Employee on Jul 13, 2012

The Foundation has initiated a project on applying risk and reliability approaches to inspection, testing and maintenance (ITM) frequencies for fire protection systems and is seeking NFPA Technical Committee input at a half-day workshop scheduled for July 24 in Quincy, MA. The project grew out of a need for a more data based approach to ITM frequencies as NFPA develops new documents such as NFPA 4 Integrated Testing of Fire Protection Systems. The goal is to develop a generic template/methodology to determine ITM frequency for a given fire protection system or equipment based on reliability concepts.

The workshop on July 24 will include presentation and discussion of a literature review and white paper that describes existing reliability principles, data and models one would use to develop a reliability-based approach to ITM.  Based on input from the workshop, the template/methodology will be developed and refined.

Please contact the Foundation at 617.984.7281 if you are interested in participating.