NFPA Annotated PDF Editions: more information at your fingertips

Blog Post created by laurenbackstrom Employee on Jul 13, 2012

Annotated PDFsIntroducing NFPA Annotated PDF Editions: a new electronic document with expert commentary and explanations by experienced technical staff.

For many code users, the code is a reference document you need to get the job done. But to truly understand, explain, or use the code you go to your trusty handbook. NFPA has been publishing handbooks for many of its codes and standards. These handbooks contain commentary, images, explanations and the history behind the code. It is this perspective that bridges the gap between code language and practical application.

While not every code requires a handbook – a large form factor hardbound tome of useful knowledge -  many codes do need that same context. We’re introducing a perfect convergence of customer need, portability and practicality. NFPA Annotated PDF Editions are full-featured digital books that contain both the specific code and all-new commentary in the tradition of an NFPA Handbook, but without the cost and time required to produce a hardbound print edition.

Features you’ll find in the new Annotated PDF Editions:

  • Easy navigation between the code and annotations. The code layout is unchanged, but clickable small red triangles appear in the code wherever an annotation occurs. You can jump back and forth between code and annotation.
  • Dedicated Table of Contents for sections with Annotations.
  • Entirely new sections authored by NFPA experts providing context and new supporting content to explain why particular code sections apply, the history behind them and some insight into the technical discussion that lead to their creation.
  • Exclusive full-color images, graphics, tables and diagrams. Sometimes another perspective is all you need to understand a particular section of the code.

Currently, NFPA 79, 2012 edition; NFPA 90A, 2012 edition; NFPA 110, 2010 edition; and NFPA 1584, 2008 edition are all available as Annotated PDF Editions.