The Fire Protection Research Foundation gets evaluated in latest edition of NFPA Journal

Blog Post created by mikehazell Employee on Jul 16, 2012

Chicago symposiumFor its 25th birthday in 2007, the Fire Protection Research Foundation developed a seven-point agenda to help guide its research for the next five years. In the latest edition of NFPA Journal, the Foundation's executive director Kathleen Almand has benchmarked the Foundation's progress since establishing the agenda, which includes initiating research related to new fire protection technologies, new hazards, and restraints to fire safety solutions.

Almand gave the Foundation a "B+" for its efforts, particularly for projects that have helped NFPA's codes and standards address new technologies, emerging hazards in buildings, and new firefighter equipment. However, there are areas that need further analysis, says Almand, particularly how NFPA's standards can adapt to a rapidly aging population and assessing how fire safety can contribute to a more sustainable environment.

Here's a snippet from her column: In Chicago on November 7, the Foundation, together with NFPA, will address a piece of this puzzle by holding a discussion with the architectural community on the intersection of fire and sustainable building design. We must understand the forces driving changes in the built infrastructure so that we can adapt our fire safey solutions to them.

To learn more about the Chicago symposium, visit the Foundation's website. After reading Almand's additional thoughts on the state of the Foundation in the latest issue of NFPA Journal, watch a video of Foundation director Casey Grant highlighting achievements from NFPA's Code Fund:  


-Fred Durso, Jr.