NFPA’s Shannon tells NFPA Journal we must make people aware of how codes protect their safety

Blog Post created by ryan.quinn Employee on Jul 18, 2012

2012_first_word4“People assume that if they visit a famous location, buy a house, or lease a property for a business, then the building must be safe,” says NFPA President Jim Shannon in “First Word” in the latest issue ofhttp://www.nfpa.org/archivedjournalhome.asp?categoryID=2601NFPA Journal. “But they should make that assumption only if the jurisdiction in which the building is located has adopted the right code and is committed to enforcing that code. At NFPA, we know that that is not always the case.”

 We know that some jurisdictions are happy to stay with outdated codes or neglect aggressive enforcement. And we know that when the economy gets tough, certain interests make money by skirting reasonable code provisions. We can’t let this happen.

 “We have to make people more aware of how codes protect their safety,” says Shannon, “And we have to raise the visibility of a whole system of code development, adoption, and enforcement that has made our buildings the safest in the world. “

 —Kathleen Robinson