Technical Committee on Combustible Metals and Metal Dusts meet to start the revision process

Blog Post created by ryan.quinn Employee on Jul 20, 2012

With the closing of the Public Input Stage just a few weeks ago, technical committees are gearing up to enter into the A2014 revision cycle.  The first of these committees is the Technical Committee on Combustible Metals and Metal Dusts to revise their document, NFPA 484, Standard for Combustible Metals.  The First Draft meeting is taking place in Salt Lake City, UT this week (7/24/2012 through 7/26/2012).

With over a hundred public inputs, the committee will have their hands full discussing the public inputs and revising the standard.  The committee will be discussing hot topics that include metal flash fire hazards, housekeeping, recycling facilities, ignition control and dust collection.  For more information about this meeting including the adgena and issues being discussed, check out the "Next Edition" tab on the document information page for NFPA 484. 

An example of how dangerous combustible metal can be and the importance of following our standards at NFPA, watch the video from the Chemical Safety Board (CSB) summarizing their recent investigation of the three fires at the Hoganaes Corporation from last year.