NFPA 4 draft development meeting at NFPA Headquarters

Blog Post created by mattklaus Employee on Jul 24, 2012

NFPA 4 is a new standard on integrated testing of fire protection and life safety systems. The Technical Committee (TC) for Commissioning and Integrated Testing  prepared an initial draft of NFPA 4 in January of 2012. This draft was sent out for public comment and later approved for public input at the March 2012 Standards Council meeting. This new standard will apply to all fire protection systems that are  integrated or inter-connected. The concept of integrated fire protection  of life safety system testing is not new, however NFPA 4 will be the  first NFPA standard to provide a roadmap on how such tests must  be conducted.


Before the TC holds their First Draft meeting (formerly known as the ROP meeting) the TC will hold a draft development meeting on July 25 and 26 at NFPA Headquarters in Quincy , MA to further refine the content of the initial NFPA 4 draft. Although only in its infant stages, NFPA 4 is beginning to take shape including requirements addressing roles and responsibilities of testing personnel, qualifications of testing personnel, periodic integrated system testing frequencies, and methods for documenting integrated tests.


Following the upcoming draft development meeting, the committee will hold their "First Draft meeting" this September with the end result being a "first draft" that incorporates the TC revisions. Following the posting of the first draft, the public is encouraged to provide comments on the committee's revisions. This can be done by going to and clicking on the link on the "next edition" tab.