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On November 7th and 8th, NFPA and the Fire Protection Research Foundation will host a symposium on fire safety and sustainable building design. The event will take place in Chicago and will feature three sessions with presentations from architects, engineers, the sustainability community, and research institutions. 

Topics include: 

  • Major trends in sustainable design of office/commercial/high-rise buildings 
  • Impact of new ‘sustainable’ materials on the fire load of buildings 
  • Natural ventilation and smoke control
  • Performance-based options for achieving sustainable goals
  • Green building certification schemes for the future 

The goal of this event is to bring the fire protection and architectural communities together to discuss these topics and share ideas and best practices for sustainable fire safe design. Register now!

Best Practices Showcase to be featured: The Symposium Program Committee invites interested parties to submit one-page abstracts of recent successful case studies that illustrate how good design can innovatively achieve fire safety and sustainability goals.  These case studies will be featured on the symposium website and highlighted at the event with rec ognition to submitters. Please contact for more information.SBDS2

Scholarship Winners

Top, from left; Lindemann, Biller.  Bottom, from left: Akerman, Wu. 

The National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) Fire Safety Educational Memorial Fund Committee awarded scholarships to four students who have exhibited academic excellence and great interest in rescue, fire and life safety and engineering.

The scholarships are awarded each year to recognize students for their pursuit of careers in these fields.

The Arthur E. Cote and David B. Gratz scholarships were awarded to Sophia Wu, a student at the University of Maryland and Thomas Lindemann, who attends Cologne University in Germany.

Justin Biller, a student at Cal Poly State and Daniel Akerman, who studies at the University of West Florida, earned the John L. Jablonsky and George D. Miller scholarships respectively.

Get a further look at each scholarship winner in the latest NFPA release.

The following proposed Tentative Interim Amendments (TIAs) for NFPA 51, NFPA 55, NFPA 400 and NFPA 2001 are being published for public review and comment:

  • NFPA 51, Proposed TIA No. 1070, referencing 10.10 and A.10.10
  • NFPA 55, Proposed TIA No. 1071, referencing 15.3.9 and A.15.3.9
  • NFPA 55, Proposed TIA No. 1073, referencing 3.3.x Cleaning Media,
    Purging, 7.1.19,,,,,,,,,, A.3.3.x, A., A.,
    A., A., A., A., A.,
    A., and I.2.4 
  • NFPA 400, Proposed TIA No. 1072, referencing Tables F.2.3, F.3.3, F.4.3, F.5.3, and F.6.3
  • NFPA 2001, Proposed TIA No. 1069, referencing, A.,
    and A.

Anyone may submit a comment on these proposed TIAs by the September 14, 2012 closing date. Along with your comment, please identify the number of the TIA and forward to the Secretary, Standards Council by the closing date.

- Debbie Baio

Sherman HemsleyWe were very sorry to hear that Sherman Hemsley, star of the hit television show, The Jeffersons (1975-1985), passed away Tuesday at the age of 74. Did you know that his dreams of acting came to fruition during Fire Prevention Week when he played the role of fire for a school sketch? Learn more on our Fire Prevention Week blog.

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