Firefighters create Fire Prevention Week wish lists at Firehouse Expo in Baltimore

Blog Post created by mikehazell Employee on Aug 1, 2012

Sparky the Fire Dog®, and his new 'Wish List" were a big hit at the recent Firehouse Expo in Baltimore. The Expo, an annual event which brings together experts from across the country to address issues facing the fire and emergency services, was the perfect opportunity for NFPA to showcase Sparky's Wish List, our online registery that brings together communities and local fire departments for the good of local fire safety education programs.

During the Expo, Sparky (with some help from NFPA staff members) helped attendees walk through the simple online registry and complete a list of Fire Prevention Week materials that they'd like to use during school visits and other community events.

Now it's up to you -- community members and local businesses -- to help fulfill those wishes, and make sure that life-saving educational materials make it into the hands of fire departments. Now more than ever, many fire departments are finding it difficult to fund safety programs. Materials start at $12.50, so even modest purchases can help. Please visit Sparky's Wish List to learn more about how you can help support fire safety in your community.

See a list of states and communities where Wish Lists have already been created.