NFPA recognizes Julia Child's 100th birthday

Blog Post created by lorrainecarli Employee on Aug 15, 2012


Most media outlets today are recognizing legendary chef Julia Child  on what would have been her 100th birthday for the impact she had on  cooking. While we too have great memories of her decades of teaching the  world to make some fabulous dishes and we remember the classic Saturday  Night Live skit where Dan Akroyd played her deboning a chicken, we dug  out our brush with Julia Child from the mid-90's.

During that  time, NFPA produced a series of public service announcements called  Safety Spots that featured celebrities and our very own Sparky the Fire  Dog. Julia took on the leading cause of home fires -- cooking -- and  reminded viewers to never walk away from the stove. Afterall, unattended  cooking is the number one reason we see so many cooking fires each  year. Despite the fact the PSA is a little old, the message is still the  same.

Thanks Julia. Signing off as you would -- Bon Appetit.