Battery swapping to cut down on charge times

Blog Post created by andrewklock Employee on Aug 24, 2012


One of the big concerns consumers have about purchasing an electric vehicle is the time it takes to fully charge the battery. Internal combustion engine cars can take around five minutes to fully fuel the gas tank as opposed to electric cars taking 8 hours on average to complete its charge. To consumers looking to purchase an electric vehicle this difference may sway them more to internal combustion vehicles. However, due to an innovative new procedure in the works, this may soon change.

Better Place is releasing an innovative procedure of swapping out depleted car batteries and replacing it with a fully charged identical battery. The battery that is removed can then be charged and given to the next person in need of a charged battery. This process from start to finish takes roughly five minutes equal to that of its counterpart in internal combustion vehicles.

The process is quite straightforward, cars simply drive up to the conveyor belt and the depleted battery is removed followed by a fully charged battery to replace it. This swap is done very quickly and without even the need to exit your vehicle.

By removing the charge times for electric vehicles Better Place allows consumers to drive their cars similarly to gas cars if the infrastructure of swapping stations is developed.