Maine EV Safety Program Train-the-Trainer

Blog Post created by andrewklock Employee on Aug 24, 2012

Last weekend I had the pleasure of working with Bill Guindon from the Maine Fire Service PhotoInstitute to deliver the NPFA’s 34th Electric Vehicle Safety Training Train-the-Trainer program.  We got a chance to break in their new facility in Brunswick as one of the first formal classes held there.  Additionally, local dealers provided us with a Toyota Prius and a brand new 2013 Chevrolet Volt for the students to interact with.  Fire Service Institute Instructors and local firefighters had an opportunity apply the information learned in the classroom to these vehicles as we discussed specific shutdown procedures and other features critical to emergency scene operations.


If you are interested in taking the EV safety training program contact your state’s fire training agency to find out if there are any upcoming classes in your area.

Stay Safe,

Jason Emery