Are you a code enforcer? Join a technical committee today.

Blog Post created by debbiebaio Employee on Sep 4, 2012

While our committees are always balanced to protect against any single interest dominating the process, we also work hard to attract enforcers to serve on our committees.  They provide an invaluable perspective on the practical application of NFPA codes and standards in the field.

Cecil Bilbo, a member of various sprinkler /water based suppression systems committees, recentlyCecil_bilbo stated, “Enforcers take the documents, NFPA Codes and Standards, and apply them out in the real world.  For me the value of being on a committee goes to the depth of knowledge. I know how to apply it in my work and is the same thing for enforcers”. 

 “When I was an enforcer, being on a technical committee helped me understandBill_koffel why the code required certain things and allowed me to better educate the people I was regulating.  The enforcer is the individual that is ultimately determining whether a condition, situation, building is in compliance with the applicable code or standard for that jurisdiction,” said Bill Koffel of Koffel Associates, once classified as an enforcer on many NFPA committees.

Some of the committees needing enforcer representation are:

• Hanging and Bracing of Water-Based Fire Protection Systems, NFPA 13

• Electric Generating Plants, NFPA 850, 851 and 853

• Shipbuilding, Repair, and Lay-Up, NFPA 312

• Telecommunications, NFPA 76

See the full list of committees seeking enforcers

NFPA understands that many municipalities are facing hard economical times which affects our mission of increasing enforcer participation on our technical committees.  In 2010 NFPA developed a new strategic plan and agreed that finding ways to get more enforcement officials involved in our process should be a priority.  The new “Enforcer Funding Program” will reimburse qualified enforcers 80% of their lodging and travel.  For more information on the enforcer funding program and other committees seeking enforcers please visit the website at