Sprinklering all animal housing facilities debated in NFPA Journal

Blog Post created by freddurso Employee on Sep 17, 2012

Animal housing facilitiesAt NFPA's Assocation Technical Meeting in June, NFPA members voted in favor of a motion for NFPA 150, Fire and Life Safety in All Animal Housing Facilities, that would have required sprinklers in an array of structures housing animals. However, the measure failed to pass the necessary balloting from the standard's committee, meaning the requirement won't make its way into the standard's 2013 edition.

The action ruffled the feathers of 14 animal rights organizations, which appealled the decision to NFPA's Standards Council and got a crash course in NFPA's codes and standards development process. A meeting on the issue took place in June and also included organizations supporting the committee's decision, specifically the National Pork Producers Council, which argued sprinkler installation costs would burden pork farmers.

Read about this debate and the Standard's Council decision on the sprinkler requirement in the new issue of NFPA Journal.