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Believe it or not, the 2013 edition of NFPA 80, Standard for Fire Doors and Other Opening Protectives, is now available.  Did you know that you can view the entire document on the NFPA 80 document information page? The new edition of this document contains many valuable and important changes related to fire doors, care and maintenance, glazing, and hardware, that all users should be aware of. 

Starting with #5, here are the top 5 changes to the 2013 edition of NFPA 80. 

#5.  Section - Hinges and Pivots

Many general updates have been made to Section regarding hinges and pivot sets on swinging doors with builder's hardware.  The language of the 2010 edition of NFPA 80 and other past editions did not adequately address pivots, or specific types of hinges and was unclear in its application. The language throughout section has been clarified so that it now applies to pivots and hinges, including continuous and spring hinges.  Anywhere in this section that the term "hinges" was used, the Committee made sure to clarify if it also applied to specific types of hinges such as spring hinges, continuous hinges, and also to pivots. 

New subsections of have been added to specifically recognize the use and installation of continuous hinges and pivot sets.  There was no language to adequately address continuous hinges or pivot sets in prior editions of the standard and it was unclear as to whether or not these types of hinges were permitted or prohibited by the standard or how pivot sets were installed. The new text adds language regarding the installation of continuous hinges and pivot sets to provide guidance and clarification when they are being used.

Check back soon for #4!

NFPA News The special September issue of NFPA News, our codes and standards newsletter, is now available.

In this issue:

  • First Draft Reports available for submitting public comments on Fall 2013 revision cycle documents
  • Committee titles and scopes revised and approved by Standards Council
  • New document on portable hand-held radios approved
  • New document and committee approved on mass evacuation planning
  • Committees seeking members
  • Committees soliciting public input
  • Committee meetings calendar

NFPA News is a free newsletter, and includes special announcements, notification of public input and comment closing dates, requests for comments, notices on the availability of Standards Council minutes, and other important news about NFPA’s standards development process.

Free subscription
Sign-in on NFPA’s web site and then select “NFPA News” from your e-mail options.

- Debbie Baio

EV Summit
The 3rd Annual Electric Vehicle Safety Standards Summit will be held on the 18th of October 2012 at the COBO Center in Detroit, Michigan, hosted by NFPA and SAE International.

The Summit will continue the dialogue and partnerships which have been successful in modifying codes, standards, and attitudes to enhance safety and support the ever-increasing fleet of electric and hybrid electric vehicles in North America. Join with leaders of the industry, including vehicle manufacturers, governmental agencies, standards developing organizations, and first and second responders. Previous Summits (October 2010 and September 2011) have generated collaborative efforts that examined fire and electrical safety standards affecting electric vehicles, breaking down potential barriers to these vehicles' successful integration. Join us, contribute to the discussion and learn how EVs and hybrids are here to stay!

Pre-registration ends on Friday, September 21st, so be sure to register this week to save $100!

Register, view the summit agenda, view sponsorship opportunities and more

On September 19, 1990, a fire at a board and care occupancy in Bessemer, Alabama resulted in four fatalities.  Fortunately, eleven residents were evacuated by the actions of a 16-year-old occupant, who was awakened by a smoke detector.

The fire originated in a centrally located room, where a couch was ignited by an elderly occupant attempting to light his pipe.  Soon the fire activated the smoke detector in the room, waking the owner’s son, who began to carry patients out of the building.  When he was no longer able to rescue occupants due to fire conditions, he alerted his parents in a nearby mobile home, and they called the fire department.

An inadequate water supply resulted in the building’s sprinkler system not working properly, illustrating important code enforcement lessons.  NFPA members can download the full report for free, and all site visitors can download a summary in Spanish

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