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J. Thomas Chapin, Ph.D. of Underwriters Laboratories recently shared some thoughts related to his upcoming presentation at the Fire Protection Research Foundation's Fire Safety and Sustainable Building Design Symposium (Nov. 7-8) titled "Do we understand the impact of new 'sustainable' materials on the fire load of buildings?"

How does sustainability impact the new design of buildings?  Chapin says it is an issue that involves a multidisciplinary focus because many professionals need to address it including, scientists, engineers, product designers, architects and the architectural community, the insurance industry, and first responders.


Can we have a sustainable building that is still safe?  According to Chapin, the real challenge is having a building that meets the codes and standards requirements for safety as well as achieve new goals of sustainability.


Chapin says this conference is about "bringing people with widely different backgrounds together to discuss the issues so that we can create a safer environment."

For more information on the agenda or to register, visit

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