New effort to preserve memories and artifacts from the Cocoanut Grove nightclub fire highlighted in NFPA Journal

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Seventy years have passed since the night when the Cocoanut Grove, one of Boston's premier hotspots, succumbed to a devastating fire that claimed the lives of 492 people. It remains the deadliest nightclub fire in U.S. history.


Even more intriguing than the mystery surrounding the blazea cause was never officially determinedare the mountains of materials about the fire still in existence. Commemorating the anniversary of this historical event, NFPA has organized a seven-member coalition that will help populate a new NFPA website with stories, materials, survivor interviews, and photos related to the fire.


“We need to document and preserve what's out there," says NFPA librarian Sue Marsh, who spearheaded this endeavor, in thelatest edition of +NFPA Journal+. "Our goal is to capture, in one place, all that we

can so that items don’t go missing or get destroyed."


Read about all the specifics of the new Cocoanut Grove Coalition in the new issue of +NFPA Journal.+ Also, hear the harrowing accounts of three Cocoanut Grove patrons who survived the blaze: