NFPA Journal presents an update on green buildings and fire safety

Blog Post created by ryan.quinn Employee on Nov 7, 2012

Green_240According to Fred Durso in his article "Its Green. Its Sustainable. It Helps Reduce Your Carbon Footprint. But Do You Know How It Behaves When Subjected to Fire?", the green building movement may have led to some unexpected fire safety problems. He quotes Brian Meacham, an associate professor of fire protection engineering at Worcester Polytechnic Institute, as saying "It seems like the move to the greening of buildings happened without in-depth investigation of potential unintended safety consequences." While isolated research has looked at some of these issues, he says, “there does not appear to have been any coordinated or comprehensive research into the breadth and depth of potential hazards, level of risk, and mitigation strategies.” Durso notes that additional research is needed to understanding these types of hazards and determine how to mitigate them. For more about the problem, read the article online or on page 50 in the January/February issue of NFPA Journal.