Update from the Fire Safety Design and Sustainable Buildings Symposium

Blog Post created by mikehazell Employee on Nov 7, 2012

Gordon_GillThe Foundation’s Fire Safety Design and Sustainable Buildings Symposium kicked off this morning with a keynote presentation by Gordon Gill, Partner of Adrian Smith + Gordon Gill Architecture.  Mr. Gill presented numerous case studies of both buildings and design studies that feature new and innovative sustainable design elements and concepts that provoked thought amongst attendees about how these elements could integrate with fire safety.

These design elements included a high rise building in China where the wind is directed through fuselages at three different levels in the building to run wind turbines to help power the building.  Another building included the incorporation of “wind cones” that span the height of the building and use passive ventilation so that the environment in the cone is 20 degrees cooler than the outside temperature without air conditioning while providing courtyard green space in the building.

Mr. Gill also talked about a study that his firm has undertaken called the “Decarbonization Plan of Chicago”, which focuses on reducing the energy consumption of existing buildings instead of continuing to try to find alternative energy means to provide the current energy needs of these buildings.  The plan is available on the firm’s website.