Combining visions to create NFPA's EuroCon 2012

Blog Post created by mikehazell Employee on Nov 13, 2012

Eurocon group
Gathering at EuroCon 2012 in Amsterdam are (from left): Russell Swart, Marsh Risk Consulting; Guy Colonna, NFPA; Tom DeNooij, Marsh Risk Consulting; Sultan Javeri, NFPA; and Focko Dorhout Mees, Marsh Risk Consulting.

As I listened to Marsh Risk Consulting CEO Focko Dorhout Mees speak at the opening session of EuroCon today in a talk titled 'combing visions' I thought back to how our partnership started with Marsh and the vision of this event started 4 years ago, the week I started my career at NFPA.

I was five days on the job when I met Tom Denooij from Marsh Risk Consulting. At that time, I had only a very vague vision of how NFPA was viewed in the US. Even now, I have what the engineering staff would probably call a 'highly dangerous' knowledge about the codes and standards we produce. Having spent my earlier career in sales in a completely different industry this knowledge is not expected nor is it necessary in my daily activities. However, this does not stop most people who realize I am from NFPA to immediately ask me about in a code or standard of which I barely know the title.

Fortunately for me, right about the time they are about to get frustrated by my lack of knowledge on the subject, I direct them to a member of the aforementioned engineering staff and they are immediately satisfied with the discussion if not the answer.

Anyway, when Tom came to our office in Quincy, MA I was immediately struck by the passion Tom had for what NFPA was all about. I thought to myself, if someone who does not work for the NFPA is this passionate about the work we do, I must have decided to work for the right organization. Tom spoke about the need for NFPA training in the Netherlands and in Europe and over the four years we have worked together, we have held many training events that have been highly successful. 

Shortly after we started these events, Tom came to us with his next vision - an NFPA conference in the Netherlands. It took almost two years from concept to delivery but with Marsh's support, we have the first of what we hope are many conferences serving the European market.

http://nfpa.typepad.com/.a/6a00d8351b9f3453ef017d3d9cb238970c-piOver my 4 years, I have found what all of you that are reading this blog already knew: there are many, many folks around the world that share Tom's passion for the great work that our organization does.  Fortunately, we have found a great partner in Marsh Risk Consulting that can help us share NFPA's vision of a safer Bill Melloworld.

Bill Mello
NFPA Director of Sales