Food for thought at NFPA's EuroCon 2012: integrating technical, moral and social safety

Blog Post created by mikehazell Employee on Nov 13, 2012

Cheryl GreenWelcome to the world of taking responsibility! Day 2 of NFPA's Eurocon 2012 in Amsterdam started with a presentation on human failure and decision risk by Peter Paul Leutscher of Red Zebra Group. Did you know that 88% of all losses are caused by human behavior? Mr. Leutscher stresses that we are headed for a systemic crisis and we need a new consciousness because everything is under scrutiny. We need to stop the blame game, he says, become the change you want to see, and transform responsibility and accountability. The key take-away is that we need to integrate technical, moral and social safety.

Cheryl Green-Pozner
Director of Training, NFPA