NFPA Eurocon - Ask the Expert

Blog Post created by mattklaus Employee on Nov 14, 2012

One of the highlights of the first annual NFPA Eurocon conference in Amsterdam was the interaction between the attendees and the instructors. Whether it was during a coffee break, an Ask the Expert session, or the networking event, the attendees had constant access to the NFPA instructor staff (Kristin Bigda, Guy Colonna and Ron Cote) and NFPA technical committee members and technical committee chairs (Robert Caputo and  William Koffel). This interaction was of benefit both to the attendee, who got to ask technical questions about NFPA codes and standards to the people who develop them, but also for the instructors to get a better understanding of how codes and standards are used in Europe. These discussions often focused on technical issues and design concerns that are common in Amsterdam and other European cities. Some of the topics presented by the attendees at Tuesday's Ask the Expert session included antifreeze usage, sprinkler obstruction design approaches, high expansion foam system applications, corrosion trends for water-based systems and the NFPA code development process.

As successful as the individual educational sesions were, the communication time between sessions was "extremely valuable" to the attendees. The catalyst for this interaction and communication was Tom De Nooij of Marsh Risk Consultants who was instrumental in not only putting the event together, but also providing and promoting an atmosphere at the event that allowed all of the parties involved to communicate openly and comfortably.