Extraordinary fire survivors highlighted in NFPA Journal

Blog Post created by freddurso Employee on Nov 16, 2012

NFPA recently hosted two special visitors at our headquarters in Quincy, Mass., each of them impacted by devastating fires. Ann Gallagher, an 86-year-old survivor of the Cocoanut Grove Nightclub fire, shared her story of losing her boyfriend and parents in the Boston blaze that killed 492 people. She provided her testimony as part of a new NFPA effort to gather artifacts and stories about the fire. Watch the video of Gallagher and other Cocoanut Grove survivors sharing their details of the fire:

Additionally, Princella Lee Bridges spoke to NFPA staff about a house fire that nearly took her life. She's now one of NFPA's Faces of Fire, an effort promoting home fire sprinklers in one- and two-family dwellings across the U.S. Here's her story: 

NFPA President James Shannon highlights both women in his recent NFPA Journal column. "We are an organization dedicated to finding technical answers to advance safety, but the human element--the lives affected, the courage of human endurance--is never far from our minds," says Shannon. "Ann and Princella and all of the other extraordinary people we are privileged to work with remind us of the true value of those efforts."

Read the rest in the November/December issue of NFPA Journal.