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Research Foundation FnewsletterThe November/December issue of our Fire Protection Research Foundation newsletter is now available. In this issue:

  • Symposium on Alternative Energy Technologies and Electrical Safety Standards, coming to Atlanta on December 6.
  • Supdet 2012, our annual conference on the latest developments in research, technology, and applications for the fire protection community, is moving to Phoenix in March.
  • New reports, including "Electrical Vehicle Charging and NFPA Electrical Safety Codes and Standards", "Lithium Ion Batteries Hazard and Use Assessment", and "Analysis of Ambulance Crash Data" 
  • Our 2012 “National Trends in Delivery of Health and Long Term Care: Implications for Safety Codes and Standards” summit will be held in Baltimore in March.

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The Foundation  has initiated a new project on this topic with collaboration and support from FM Global Research and the detection and telecom industries.  The goal of the project is the validation and application of modeling tools to predict detector actuation in these highly complex environments.  The outcome will inform the activities of the NFPA Technical Committees responsible for NFPA Standards 75 and 76.


#2 - Section, Who is performing fire door inspections? 


As Staff Liaison to the NFPA 80 Technical Committee, one of the most frequently asked questions that I respond to relates to who can perform the mandated annual inspection of fire doors.  Do they need formal training?  Do they need to be certified?  Does it need to be done by a third party inspection service? 


In past editions of NFPA 80 (2007 and 2010), the document was not very specific on who could perform these inspections.  The standard stated the following:

+"Functional testing of fire door and window assemblies shall be performed by individuals with knowledge and understanding of the operating components of the type of door being subject to testing."+

Of course, it has always been a requirement that the written records of the door inspections be signed and kept for inspection by the AHJ.  This required that the AHJ, when verifying that the inspections has been conducted, also verified the person/organization that had performed them. The standard put the determination of who can perform inspections in the hands of the AHJ.

The 2013 edition of the standard has made a small, but powerful change, related to this issue.  NFPA 80, 2013 states:

+"* Acceptance testing of fire door and window assemblies+

shall be performed by a qualified person with knowledge +and understanding of the operating components of the type +of assembly being subject to testing."

With the simple addition of the word qualified, NFPA 80 has defined the person(s) who are permitted to perform fire door inspections.  The term "qualified person" is defined in Chapter 3 as:


"3.3.95 Qualified Person. A person who, by possession of a recognized degree, certificate, professional standing, or skill, and who, by knowledge, training, and experience, has demonstrated the ability to deal with the subject matter, the work, or the project."

This change now allows for AHJs and building owners to be more aware of NFPA 80's expectations regarding who is performing fire door inspections.


For more information, please refer to Chapter 5 of the new NFPA 80, 2013 edition, which is available to view online . 


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