Week two of NEC ROC meeting gets underway

Blog Post created by laurenbackstrom Employee on Dec 3, 2012

As we start week two 12 more NEC CMP’s will meet throughout
the week. The lower than normal comments should facilitate quicker than
expected CMP work. Those that will be here for both weeks have enjoyed the
Redondo area but are now gearing up for week two. Last week there was a
continuing theme surrounding generators and their place in the NEC. Will that
continue in week 2? 

The same rooms are filling but with different faces. What
will these new faces bring to the party? We know the technical expertise and
strong work ethic will be there but what are their opinions on how the 2014 NEC
should look?

Again the morning is full of the re-acquaintance of old
friends and the introduction of new ones, around the well stocked continental
breakfast. They arrive an hour before the meeting starts to stake their places
at the table. Many will sit in the same seats on the same side with the same
people as they have every three years for the past 20 years or so.

Week 2 will start with seven CMP’s, most scheduled through
Tuesday or Wednesday. The official scorecard looks like this:

CMP 4  Chair: Ron
Toomer, Staff
Liaison: Chris Coache, Comments: 209

CMP 7  Chair: Michael
Smith, Staff
Liaison: Dick Roux, Comments:

CMP 10 Chair: Julian Burns, Staff Liaison: Jean Blanc, Comments:

CMP 15 Chair: Larry Todd, Staff
Liaison: Michael Fontaine, Comments:

CMP 16 Chair: Tom Moore, Staff
Liaison: Lee Richardson, Comments: 116

CMP 17 Chair: Donny Cook, Staff Liaison: Bob Benedetti, Comments: 51

CMP 18 Chair: Bobby Gray,  Staff Liaison: Allen Fraser, Comments: 53

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-[Bill Burke |], Division Manager, Electrical