NEC meeting updates cover topics such as health care facilities, swimming pools & photo voltaic systems

Blog Post created by laurenbackstrom Employee on Dec 5, 2012

Panel 15
Panel 15 was the place to be for the electrical industry. There were more observers than committee members, as the industry debates electrical safety in Health Care Facilities.

Fish Tank
Aquarium located in the hotel gives all NEC meetings attendees a pleasurable escape from their work.

Panel 15 continued very professionally its long standing debate on electrical systems in health care facilities. A critical contentious issue that is a continuation of several controversial decisions made over the past several years. The meeting ended around 3:00 pm with good natured conversation and well wishes between members on either side of the issue.

Panel 17 finished today as projected. The major point of debate centered on the grounding and bonding of swimming pools and spas. This is a long standing issue that is a hot topic in every code cycle. The issue of public safety has to do with keeping stray electrical currents out of swimming pools. Unfortunately although the problem is universal, the means to accomplish this vary widely based on geography. Soil composition plays a large role in meeting the necessary requirements.

Panel 4 spent the majority of the day focused on the fine points of safety issues regarding the installation of photo voltaic systems.

Panel 16 continues to define the many safety aspects of non power delivery cabling. A major area of technology growth in communications.

-Bill Burke, NFPA Division Manager, Electrical