Get involved in the development of NFPA codes and standards

Blog Post created by debbiebaio Employee on Dec 14, 2012

Learn how to get involved with the NFPA Standards Development Process by submitting changes to documents or by joining one of NFPA’s Technical Committees. 

Amy Cronin, Division Manager of NFPA Codes and Standards Administration, provides an overview of the NFPA Standards Development Process and how the public and NFPA members can get involved in revising NFPA documents. Amy discusses how real life incidents can offer necessary changes to documents to avoid future life threatening accidents.  She explains how the four-stage process starts with the submission of Public Input during the Input stage.  This information is presented to the Technical Committee for review.  If the Technical Committee does not agree, the public or NFPA member can return with a Public Comment at stage 2.  This gives an opportunity to see what the committee liked and did not like about an idea and submit additional supporting data. If the committee still does not agree with Public Comment, stage 3 allows the submitter to present the information to the NFPA membership at the NFPA Conference & Expo’s Association Technical Meeting, this year held in Chicago, June 9-15 2013.  The submitter also has one more opportunity for the idea to be heard, by appealing to the NFPA Standards Council during stage 4.  

With the proper expertise anyone can get involved with the Standards Development Process by joining one of NFPA’s Technical Committees. Although there is no monetary reward for participating on a committee there is the opportunity to be recognized throughout the country as being an expert in that field by having your name referenced in the document.  The travel time is very limited, often 1-3 meeting days for each meeting and there are 2 meetings every three years.   

Stay up to date with Codes and Standards activities

NFPA News, a monthly newsletter providing detailed information on notifications of closing dates, requests for comments on NFPA documents and the publications of Formal Interpretations (FIs), Tentative Interim Amendments (TIAs), and Errata. 

Document information pages - provides one central location to view all document specific information about our codes and standards. Alerts can also be set up on each document information page so when a public item is posted, a notification is automatically sent to an email address.