Behind the Scenes at NFPA…Creating the First Drafts of NFPA 101 and NFPA 5000

Blog Post created by tracyvecchiarelli Employee on Jan 7, 2013

During the November NFPA 101 and NFPA 5000 Correlating Committee meetings in Boston, some committee members joked about the “magic” that happens back at NFPA Headquarters. Submittals were processed, Technical Committee (TC) meetings were organized, ballots prepared and documents were created.

It would be nice if all it took was magic, but in reality, it’s just the product of great teamwork. What did it take to complete the First Draft of NFPA 101 and NFPA 5000?

17: Number of TC meetings

614: Number of TC participants (TC members, alternates and Chairs)

6: Number of NFPA Technical Staff

547: Number of PIs submitted for NFPA 101

302: Number of PIs submitted for NFPA 5000

602: Number of FRs created for NFPA 101

523: Number of FRs created for NFPA 5000

The NFPA process starts with submissions from the public. They signed into Nwalkerand submitted their “Public Inputs (PIs)” on sections of the code they wished to change. Input was submitted both online and on paper. Nancy Walker worked diligently to make sure all of the PIs (800+) submitted were completed properly. 

The First Draft meetings were held in May and August in Minneapolis and St. Louis respectively. PIs were reviewed and the committees generated “First Revisions (FR)” to make changes to the text.

Editorial staffThe editorial team worked with the staff liaisons to review all 1000+ changes and incorporate them into First Drafts. Special thanks go out to the editorial team at NFPA for their great work.(Pictured: Lisa Haapaoja, Nancy Wirtes, and Jackie Bock)

Diane Matthews and Kelly Carey worked together to compileDianeandkellyballots and to distribute them to TCs. They collected ballot submissions, calculated ballot results, and posted all of the information online. Check out the ballot results here: or

The Correlating Committee met in Boston in November.Their ballots are currently out and are due at the end of the month.

The First Draft Report including a draft of the documents and the committee's changes will be posted at the end of February and will be open for Public Comments until May 13th. Then we will begin working our magic on the Second Draft.