Industry's Hot Topic: Fundamentals of Combustible Dusts

Blog Post created by ryan.quinn Employee on Jan 25, 2013


http://a6.typepad.com/6a017743768f82970d017c364217de970b-popupSince the Standards Council approval to enter into a revision cycle, the NFPA 652, Standard on Combustible Dusts, draft entered into revision cycle, Fall 2014, and was open for Public Input (PI).  Now that the closing date has past, we finally tallied the number of PIs for NFPA 652. The final count is 470 PIs!

To receive this much input reminds us the impact that the document will have on the industry. It also shows how involved the industry is with our standards development process. Having the industry involved at the birth of a new standard is great as it will only strengthen the docuemnt and make it more applicable to the "real world". The Technical Committee (TC) meets at NFPA in a month (February 12-14) for an exciting First Draft Meeting.