News reports: Nightclub fire in Brazil kills hundreds

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(AP Photo/Agencia RBS)

Multiple news sources are reporting that a fire at a popular nightclub in Southern Brazil has killed at least 220 people.


According to a report on CNN, the death toll is expected to climb as firefighters continue to pull bodies from the Kiss nightclub in Santa Maria. The regional coordinator of civil defense is quoted as saying that most of those killed appeared to have died of smoke inhalation. Local officials report that the fire started at about 2 a.m. after the acoustic insulation in the nightclub caught fire. They also say that there was a pyrotechnics show going on inside the club when the fire started, but stopped short of blaming it for the blaze, saying the cause was still under investigation.


As the 10th anniversary of The Station nightclub fire in Rhode Island, the current issue of NFPA Journal talks to Robert Feeney , a survivor of that tragedy. That fire was caused when pyrotechnics ignited accousitc foam around a concert stage. Mr. Feeney returns to the site of the blaze to remember the friends he lost that night and his efforts to recover.