Why do tragic nightclub fires keep occuring?

Blog Post created by mikehazell Employee on Jan 29, 2013

News reports say at least 231 people are now confirmed dead in the tragic nightclub fire in Santa Maria, Brazil that occurred early Sunday morning. CNN reports that 83 more people are hospitalized suffering from severe burns and smoke inhalation. CNN reports that police have arrested four people: one of the members of the band that was playing at the nightclub, the show producer and the club's two owners. Police have also questioned others to gain deeper insight into how the fire began and why it killed so many, according to CNN.


NFPA's Robert Solomon, division manager of Building & Life Safety Codes, was asked if he was surprised that a fire of this magnitude - and one so eerily similar to The Station nightclub fire that occurred in Rhode Island ten years ago - can still happen in this day and age.


[Learn more about fire safety at nightclub and other public assembly venues | http://www.nfpa.org/nightclub].