Fire protection engineer offers his take on Brazil nightclub fire

Blog Post created by freddurso Employee on Jan 30, 2013

Brazil fireJaime A. Moncada, director of International Fire Safety Consulting and the international fire safety training/NFPA joint venture director for Latin America, recently offered his opinions on the Brazil nightclub fire in an Associated Press (AP) article.

After examining a blueprint of Kiss nightclub, where more than 230 people died from the fire on January 27, Moncada told the AP that the building's one and only exit was permissable under law. He also noted that the club, if operating in the U.S., would have also failed inspection due to failure to treat the toxic foam soundproofing with a fire retardent and a lack of sprinklers.

Moncada told NFPA Journal in a recent feature story on a deadly prison fire in Honduras that increased adoption of NFPA's codes and standards in Latin America should be considered to prevent future tragedies from occurring.

"Adoption of NFPA codes and standards...coupled with readily available training seminars and a local fire safety industry well-versed in NFPA requirements can provide the start to a solution that may be impossible for local authorities to ignore," he states in Journal. "The only way to address the root causes of this horrific trend, which includes fires through clear, cost-effective fire codes, coupled with effective enforcement. Only then can we turn the corner."