NFPA 13 now open for public input

Blog Post created by mattklaus Employee on Feb 1, 2013

NFPA 13, The Standard for the Installation of Sprinkler Systems, along with the other sprinkler installation standards, NFPA 13R, NFPA 13 D, NFPA 24, and NFPA 291 are currently open for public input. Public input is the term now used at NFPA to address a code change proposal to a technical document.

Submitting public input can be done in three easy steps.

1)Log in to the document information page of the standar NFPA13-13 Code Cover Frontd you would like to submit public input too. (for NFPA 13 use

2)Find the code section you would like to modify and enter your changes in the text editor.

3)Provide a substantiation for your proposed change to the standard and click submit.

Once you have completed those three steps your proposed change will be sent to the  technical committee responsible for the section of the standard you would like to change. Your public input will be reviewed and acted upon at the First Draft meeting this summer.

It is important to remember that NFPA 13 and its associated  documents have a modified public input closing date of May 31. That means that all changes proposed changes to NFPA 13 and the other sprinkler design and installation standards must be submitted online through the new online submission process by that date.

We look forward to reviewing your proposed changes and look forward to another exciting cycle for the NFPA 13 committees.