Sprinklers...Want to Learn More?

Blog Post created by mattklaus Employee on Feb 1, 2013

Every year at NFPA's Conference and Expo, there are plenty of opportunities to learn more about what's going on within the NFPA sprinkler project. The 2013 C&E in Chicago will be no different. There will be apre-conference seminar on NFPA 13 as well as NFPA 25, for those who would like to have a step-by-step walk-through of the respective standards. There will also be a post-conference Seminar on NFPA 25. These pre-and post-con seminars are also a great way to get the latest and greatest information in those standards if you have not had a refresher on the information that is in the standards lately. In addition to the full day seminars, there will also be many educational educational sessions provided midweek as part of the conference. Sessions will include the NFPA 25 2014 edition update, NFPA 13 sprinkler omission rules explained, test late recent test information unexposed expanded group a plastics and a review of the changes made to NFPA 13 RMD in the 2013 addition.

This is a great opportunity for four members of the sprinkler industry to hone in on their craft, whether a sprinkler designer, insurance representative or HJ, all of these Ed sessions and seminars will provide important information to help you get the job done.… And I hear the deep dish pizza in Chicago is pretty good too.