Former NFPA chair Chet Schirmer dies

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Chet Schirmer


Chet Schirmer, Chair of NFPA's Board of Directors from 1984-1986, passed away on February 19, 2013.

Mr. Schirmer had long and distinguished service with NFPA. He served on the Research Foundation’s Board of Trustees, including as Chair. He was awarded NFPA’s Standards Medal in 1992. He also was the donor of a legacy set of sprinkler-related test data that formed the basis for the former standard NFPA 231C (now part of NFPA 13), which resides in NFPA’s Charles S. Morgan Library.

Mr. Schirmer served on many NFPA Technical Committees including: Water Extinguishing Systems Correlating Committee (predecessor if the Automatic Sprinkler Systems Correlating Committee); Building Service & Fire Protection Equipment; Building Construction; Automatic Sprinkler Systems Correlating Committee; Residential Sprinkler Systems; Sprinkler System Discharge Criteria; Sprinkler System Installation Criteria; Fire Code Committee; Rack Storage; Exposure Fire Protection; Systems Concepts for Fire Protection In Structures; and  Environmental Technical Advisory Committee.

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Chet Schirmer and former NFPA board member Rolf Jensen at an NFPA event, circa 1993.

Memorial donations may be sent to either Habitat for Humanity of the NC Sandhills or The Tin Whistles Education and Research Foundation in honor of Chester W. Schirmer.


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