NFPA Journal remembers Duane Pearsall, father of the ionization smoke detector

Blog Post created by ryan.quinn Employee on Mar 11, 2013

Pearsall_600Ever wonder who invented the ionization smoke detector? David Lucht, P.E., FSPE tells you who and how in his article "Where There's Smoke" in the latest issue of NFPA Journal

 As Lucht notes, ionization smoke detection wasn’t new. But Duane Pearsall was the first to realize that the basic technology in the ion meter his engineer, Lyman Blackwell, had put together in 1963 to remove electrostatic charges in commercial and industrial applications "held the potential for a new kind of smoke detector." Over the past 50 years, Pearsall's work has had a profound influence on fire safety around the world, saving tens of thousands of lives that might otherwise have been lost to fire.