NFPA Journal celebrates the Certified Marine Chemist Program

Blog Post created by ryan.quinn Employee on Mar 19, 2013

Marine_chemist_600Only when an NFPA-certificated marine chemist has certified an area of a ship as safe can anyone enter and begin the work of repairing that ship, says Lawrence Russell in his article "Vigilant Eye" in the most recent issue of NFPA Journal. The U.S. Coast Guard and the Occupational Safety and Health Administration both require a marine chemist certificate before shipboard repair can begin. 

This year is the 50th anniversary of NFPA’s decision to administer the Certificated Marine Chemist Program. It also marks the completion of the 20th revision of NFPA 306, Control of Gas Hazards on Vessels, and the development of NFPA 350, Guide for Safe Confined Space Entry and Work, a new document that focuses on creating best practices for working in and around confined spaces. For more on the new guide, go to page 58 in your copy of the March/April issue of NFPA Journal or read the article online