Shannon talks to NFPA Journal about NFPA's commitment to nightclub safety

Blog Post created by ryan.quinn Employee on Mar 20, 2013

BrazilfireAn overcrowded nightclub, pyrotechnics, a raging fire, no sprinklers, too few exits, horrendous losses: the deadly fire at the Kiss nightclub in Brazil last January sounded all a lot like The Station nightclub fire 10 years earlier in Rhode Island, says NFPA President Jim Shannon in his "First Word" column in the March/April issue of NFPA Journal. 

"NFPA’s mission is to save lives and protect property from fire and other hazards," Shannon says. "It is disheartening to see tragedies like these, because we know that the lessons learned from our past experiences can prevent them."

Fortunately, technology has made it easier for NFPA to reach people all over the world with our expertise in fire prevention and protection, and "it is our obligation to work even harder to make NFPA a global force for fire safety," says Shannon. "We have been asked to provide technical advice to the State of Rio de Janeiro as it revises its fire code, and we are sending technical staff there to help as officials review their codes. We hope we can provide similar help across Brazil."