NFPA Journal columnists discuss the importance of incident action plans

Blog Post created by freddurso Employee on Mar 27, 2013

Incident action planPop quiz: What are the three factors firefighters must consider when responding to an incident? (Sorry, this question isn't multiple choice.)

If the answer is escaping you, refresh your memory by reading the latest column from NFPA Journal columnists Ben Klaene and Russ Sanders, who discuss how an effective incident action plan (IAP) addresses these three factors. (Bonus points to those who knew the correct answer: life safety, extinguishment, and property conservation.)

"The development of an IAP using the sound application of risk management techniques is critical to meeting these three priorities," says the authors. An effective tool for conducting a risk-versus-benefit analysis, they add, is NFPA 1500, Fire Department Occupational Safety and Health Program.

Learn other specifics for developing an effective IAP in the March/April edition of NFPA Journal.