NFPA reveals Authenticity Program for digital documents

Blog Post created by ryan.quinn Employee on Mar 27, 2013

NFPA’s Authenticity Program has just been launched. Using an Authenticity Stamp (an example of which is pictured to the right), users and customers can make sure that digital copies of NFPA documents have not been altered in any way. This stamp will appear on the digital copies each time codes are downloaded from NFPA.

The stamp contains a customer’s identification number and is a link to a verification database. When the link is clicked, the document will be verified by sending the user to a website that displays customer and code information. If the document does not have the Authenticity Stamp, or if any of the information is incorrect, or there is no link to www.nfpa.org, the downloaded document is unauthorized and may be inaccurate.  In that case, discontinue the use of that particular digital code or standards, and contact NFPA customer service for assistance. 


For more information about the NFPA Authenticity Program, visit www.nfpa.org/authenticate.